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About me

I fell in love with TTRPGs over a decade ago when a work collegue invited me to his D&D 3.5 table. I was fresh to the community and roleplaying as a whole, and the group made me feel nothing but welcomed and accepted as a person and a player. The Game Master immersed my character deeply into their lore and the story, which captivated me session after session and in part fueled my drive to become a GM myself. This sense of wonder and excitement is one I love to instill in my players, and the party's engagement with our adventures always brings a smile to my face. I love to work out story and lore with my players, integrating their characters into the worlds we play and revelling in their reactions as parts of their character's story, old and new, surface within adventures. For the past six years I've played and GM'd extensively online for a large variety of players. I have and run full on campaigns, mini-series adventures, and one-off sessions in both 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and Stars Without Number (Revised). I've run and am willing to run a variety of adventure types from pre-published with a 'set' story to full sandbox, and have a decently open schedule. If I'm not hosting a game during one of your desired times feel free to DM me! Note: As a virtual streamer I make use of a moving virtual avatar online and during gameplay. My voice is unmodified, but my face will always be that of my virtual character's avatar.

GM style

As a Game Master I love living worlds where a player's actions (or inaction) can impact the world as time marches on. I enjoy roleplay, and enjoy providing details regarding scenes and characters. If you ask me an NPC's name we'll find an answer, for every character and location has their own lives and stories to tell! I often do different voices and accents to disginguish NPCs from one another. I may not be a voice expert, but I have fun with them nontheless. Integrating a character into the game world for an adventure is something I love, especially in longer running games. A character backstory can be incredibly detailed or loose and vague, depending on the player. In either case, I love working with those players to bring their desired stories into the world in meaningful ways. Combat will often be a challenge, and opponents will act tactically and intelligently within their ability and dependant on their situation. I also believe not every challenge must be met with combat till its end; retreat or diplomacy are often viable options for any side, though that may not always be the case. In combat I generally stick closely to the game's rules as written, though creative useage of abilities is not discouraged if reasonable. Overall, however, my style and methods may shift to suit the needs of the table and on the specific adventure we are undertaking. While one party may prever a gritty resource scarce adventure where danger lies around every corner, another might desire a light hearted and heroic quest! Communication with players is something I value, as the players should be able to enjoy our games!


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