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About me

I've played different Tabletop games for years, mostly Champions and D&D, but I recently got very into Cyberpunk Red. After starting a game for some folks on Reddit who wanted one, I found I had a knack for the dark future. I've always loved crafting stories and this seems like a perfect way to share crafted stories with the world. But, storytelling is always more fun when it's a collaborative effort. That's where the players come in! While every game I run has a world happening around the players, you're the players! That means, YOUR world should be shaped by your actions, your backstories, your connections with people. Cyberpunk is a game about a capitalist hellhole, but it's also about humans trying to survive a world that is no longer built for them and the connections they make just to scrape by. The most important thing to know about me, I suppose, is that I am not the only one building the world we'll be playing in: we're building it together.

GM style

I'm roleplay heavy, but don't mistake that for an unwillingness to give players grueling combat encounters. I'm WORKING on character voices in terms of voice -acting-, but I try very hard to give my characters different cadences when they speak. I reward creative thinking, both in combat and in roleplay. The more into it you get, the more into it I get, which means you get to do crazier stuff.

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