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About me

Hello my friends! I am Uncle Casey, the storyteller for what I hope is your next adventure. I do my best to run a welcoming, safe, and accessible table; I believe creating felt safety encourages deeper, more enjoyable game experiences. To that end, I require my players to be open and affirming of everyone’s right to exist and be who they are without judgement. For characters I don’t limit species, and players are free to make their characters as self-representative (or not) as they choose. I have resources available (Unlimited Heroics, Combat Wheelchair, etc.) that can serve as a guide for any non-core mechanics you’d like to integrate. I want you to feel free to be you. Or be someone completely different. It’s your game. Me, a Brief History: (Reading optional) I started playing TTRPG's during junior high and high school, back in the 80's and early 90's. I joined a friend's D&D game, then started DMing for my friends. We tried out Talislanta, Rifts, Cyberpunk, Vampire, Aliens, Robotech and a few I've probably forgotten. Then life happened. I eventually earned a degree in theatre and a certification in stage combat choreography, I caught an arrow to my knee (got married), did community, amateur and professional theatre, adopted our children, left theatre to work with foster and adoptive families,that turned I into educating families about trauma and it's effects on our brains and bodies. I started playing D&D again in 2015 with 5e - my dice were literally older than the other players at the table. (side-note: I am a notorious dice goblin). It wasn't long until I started DMing again, both in-person and online. I've met some amazing people from around the world playing D&D online, as well as my fair share of cautionary tales. My strengths as a DM - I'm open and caring and belive in self-agency for players and characters. I'm big into backstories and love integrating them into campaigns. I'm always down to work with players, embellishing and expanding their character histories. Do you want a convoluted, world-shaking secret from your past threaten to rip apart the very fabric of reality? I'm in. Of course less dramatic backstories are welcome as well - some players like to focus on what's ahead of them, rather than what's in the past. I am flexible. I create as much of an open-world environment as possible, encouraging player agency and choice. I'm good at rolling with a sudden shift in party objectives. I encourage players, especially experienced players, to immerse themselves in their characters' moment, know what they know, and experience the game with fresh eyes. Yes, you probably are steeped in game lore and monster stats, and how refreshing would it be to just lose yourself in the moment and forget the meta-knowledge in the moment?

GM style

Shepherding players through collaborative storytelling experiences while developing thematically rich characters and a tailored experience for all players. I am role-play heavy, combat ready, and exploration positive. Was that cheesy enough? Through session 0 and a pre-campaign survey I collect the preferences of the players and adjust the levels of roleplay, combat and exploration accordingly. Whether we’re using a pre-made module, or a homebrew game, I feel comfortable keeping the game moving towards the action the party is most interested in. (If you want a real-time stroll from one side of the continent to the other, let’s make it happen!)

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