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About me

Hey there! I'm Andrew, I've been playing and running tabletop games for close to thirty years now, starting with AD&D back in the 90s when I was a kid and throughout my life until now as a 37 year old. I've been running TTRPGs professionally for the last 5 years or so and currently am running several games per week for players from all over the world. While I run primarily Pathfinder Second Edition games I'm more than happy to run just about any TTRPG out there, as long as there's a demand I'm always excited to run any system people want, especially if it's new to me! I also enjoy introducing new players to tabletop games, so if you're a player looking to try out TTRPGs for the first time or an old veteran wanting to try a new system I'd love to help you out! My games are always inclusive and open to people of all types, and I prioritize players' comfort and fun above anything else so I do not allow any insults, slurs, or anything else hateful in my games. Tabletop is for everyone and for too long has been kept out of reach from some marginalized groups, so I always want my games to be open and welcoming to women, LGBTQ+ members, and any others who might've felt like they weren't welcome in tabletop games. Thanks for taking a look at my profile and I look forward to gaming with you soon!

GM style

I try to keep a mix of roleplay and crunch in my games, but also to match what players want. Some groups want a seriously involved story with drama and betrayal, others a super tactical dungeon crawl and I've run both. Most groups though prefer a balance and so do I--stories that are exciting and interesting and fights that are intense and rewarding.

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