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About me

Hey there, I'm Stirling! I'm a trained actor, bestselling game designer, and a Game Master of 17 years. I'm also a programmer, using custom software tools to run my games smoothly. My goal as a GM is to create that moment where reality falls away, and all of us are truly there together in the game world. I create experiences that are not just entertaining, but meaningful. My groups are all-inclusive. I run games for all players, whether brand-new or red box veterans. All identities are welcome at my table. I always make sure that everyone is on the same page about sensitive content boundaries and disability accommodations. All of my campaigns take place in Eberron, a world torn apart by a war of magic technology. My deep knowledge of the setting enables me immerse players in a detailed world with countless facets to explore. But don't worry, you can go into it completely blind. Send me a message and we can get to know each other. Sign up for a game and we'll do a free one-on-one session zero.

GM style

With me as your DM, you'll step into a vivid world where you can go anywhere and do anything. My campaigns are alive with complex characters and deeply layered histories. There are secrets, hidden places, and lost lore, just waiting to be uncovered. You can choose where to explore and what goals to set. Wherever you go, you will face a variety of challenges that test your creativity and teamwork. Combat is tactical, negotiations are tense, dungeons are dangerous. My players have a blast, but not just that. As my players face challenges, they get good at RPGs. I've seen shy players roleplay scenes that made the other players literally applaud. I've seen character actors become cunning strategists, seen noobs become experts. Excited? Join one of my games and see for yourself. Session zeroes are free with your first session RSVP. Questions? Send me a chat. I can't wait meet you!


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