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About me

I'm the producer for Squad283. You can find us spread across the web in various places as we build our gaming network. Our campaigns are usually turned into productions (podcasts/videos/animations) to varying degrees, but not all are. More details on this for those who play with us. :) We play anything and everything! From the ever popular D&D 5e to RPGs so obscure we doubt the original creator even has a copy. But, no matter what we're playing, I can guarantee lots of laughs and a good time. Our group is more comedy driven and we're lax on rules and regulations where it's convenient and comfortable. Our games are a nice mix for those who love to laugh and are willing to not take the game ultra-seriously. Warning: I set players up to fail in spectacular fashion at simple tasks while enabling them succeed at the overall mission. Critical fails make for the best laughs of a game. I encourage out of the box thinking and ridiculous antics. (NEWBIE friendly and comfortable!)

GM style

1) We play mostly one-shots and short campaigns. Sometimes this causes the SquadMaster (DM/GM) to make up part of the story about how you get to where you are. But, this allows us to move along from one fun bit to the next. If you're looking forward to sitting out while your character learns a new spell or haggling price for a piece of armor, you probably won't enjoy our sessions as much. (Added bonus: we level up characters often.) 2) Players will be expected to create facts about their character and provide the SquadMaster a narrative about their comings-and-goings between sessions for multiple session campaigns. We love playing with people with imagination. 3) We often play games with a selected flavor or theme. Established characters may need to adjust or a new character may need to be created to match the game. Players are expected to attempt to match. Make sure to check the theme and verify you're interest before joining a campaign. 4) The SquadMaster will attempt to reach out to players and chat about character creation, character secrets, world-building, or any other number of subjects. This can be over email, text, phone, or video conferencing. The goal is to create a fun environment for each player and an audience... if the session is for publication. 5) We often record our sessions to create media for the interwebs. Join the games that match your preference in this. We'd love to establish players and/or characters who can join more than one. Just find a game that isn't for publication if you'd like not to be a published player online. For games we intend to publish, there is a release form we need players to sign. 6) "SquadPlay" (Meta House Rules) - Puns: Groanworthy jokes provide healing or damage. - Crowns: Rewards for being the best at various things. - Win the Pot: Win D&D in the form of cash and/or bragging rights. - Sealed Events: Unlock the unexpected. - Sealed Bets: Make your wager on selected events. - Bane & Boon: A token system that adds to the chaos. - The Council: Players perform meta tasks for the group. - The Deck of Mystery: Draw a card and change the world. - And more surprises... 7) We roll more than we should, say "no" to very little, and love to provide the unexpected. Expect roleplaying. Have fun with crazy voices and character builds. Serious rule followers probably won't survive. Let's have a great time. 8) Everything above is subject to change at the whim of the ADD/ADHD/Chaos-Loving SquadMaster. :)


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