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About me

Welcome! I am Matt "Briefcase" Brown, DM of Split the Party! Myself and a few of the crew over on the channel are offering our services as Dungeon Masters and Game Masters. We provide sessions for kids, new players, experienced players, and even those epically optimized veteran players. Each of our experienced DM's hold a relevant working with Children's Check-in our local State which is available on request & we are available for local & international games in a variety of time zones. Our games cover all the bases for you to either get started into the worlds of D&D, Pathfinder, Cyberpunk or any of your favorite TTRPGs, with varying campaign lengths! We offer large campaigns that can span multiple months or longer, right down to a single session one-shot, perfect for those team building days with work colleagues. All game sessions are LGBTQIA+, Neurodivergent, & new player-friendly safe spaces. GAME SESSIONS INCLUDE (Scheduled slotted game times are in PT): - Campaign sessions for a wide variety of player counts - Battle maps with custom-tailored tokens (Includes Optional Character Sheets, Maps, Tokens) - Integrated Server Bots for dice rolls, music & atmosphere - GM/DM Prep - setting, system, desired themes, linear/nonlinear story - Full character development w/Players - 2-6 hr. Play Sessions (schedule of group permitting) - Casual, fun-focused play - Recommendations for digital/mobile tools - Recorded Sessions Optional - Visual Aides and Tokens to help with visibility during combat & encounters GAME FORUMS - Side Quests - Extra Characters & higher player counts - Setting Information and backstory details FREE SESSION 0 (For Longer Campaigns) - Introduction to each other - Synopsis of the game system - Discussion of desired themes, focus ('role' vs 'roll' playing) - Character/Party Conception - General Q&A - Schedule Commitment If you like the look of us but don't see what you're looking for, message us! We'll be happy to get a custom game going with your group. Find examples of our DMing at:

GM style

I love story and roleplay first and foremost but I will almost always be up for some crunchy tactics when appropriate. I homebrew some of the smaller rules but overall & I will always make an exception in the name of session enjoyment! I can work with you beforehand to make sure your dream homebrew character can be included in the game and able to work with your fellow party members! I have almost EVERYTHING unlocked on D&D beyond so you can get really creative with your characters.


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