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About me

Come along to the feywild! You can call me Sova. I've been playing and GMing D&D 5e for around 7 years and I've fallen in love with Pathfinder 2e over this past year. I have so much enthusiasm for tabletop, and I want to bring that enthusiasm to you! I have my own high fantasy campaign setting for you to explore, fit for anyone and everyone who wants to be a hero. At my table, I emphasize kindness and inclusivity, and I strive to create a welcoming space for players of all kinds. My games strike a strong balance between roleplay and combat. I aim to create a game where players are excited to explore, overcome great threats, have lots of laughs, feel the emotional weight of narrative, and be the team of heroes they imagine. Together, I hope to tell interesting stories, make meaningful memories, and have adventurous fun. If you're interested in booking me for a custom game, I will handcraft an adventure for you based on your group's interests, featuring my own custom maps, characters, and storylines. Do you really enjoy hack-and-slash through an intense dungeon crawl? Or would you prefer a thrilling narrative where RP takes priority? Or something in between? I will happily accommodate your group to offer the best play experience I can provide! Additionally, if you have an adventure module you would like me to run for you, I would be more than happy to provide such an experience as well! My price for a custom game is $25 per person. Sessions are 3-6 hours at most (duration will be tailored to your preferences.) I will provide a captivating experience featuring custom maps, fun NPCs, and quality voice acting. I will weave an adventure where your characters' goals, backstories, and flaws take center stage, and the comfort, wants, and needs of the players take priority. Thank you for considering me! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! You can message me here on Startplaying, my discord server, or discord private messaging. My discord server can be found here

GM style

Combat and RP My games tend to emphasize unique and dynamic combat with a strong narrative element. At my table, the narrative fuels the combat which, in turn, fuels the narrative. My combats always feature unique design in one way or another, keeping combat engaging, challenging, and cinematic. I aim to give my NPCs depth and strong characterization. Prepare to adore lovable characters and despise despicable villains. What to Love My adventures, cinematic descriptions, and voice acting have been consistently highly recommended. Rule of cool often takes priority over the rules themselves. That said, I aim to run a fair, balanced experience. I love using "how do you want to do this?" when someone lands the finishing blow on a big bad. Give me those gorgeous descriptions of your heroic triumph! Player Experience Impactful character decisions, flavorful descriptions, and teamwork are always encouraged and rewarded. Character voices from players are welcomed but never enforced. Comfort and collaboration always come first and foremost in all of my games. I strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable throughout play.


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