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About me

I started playing AD&D when I was in high school after not being cool enough to join my peers' 3.5 game. An old school dm taught me the feeling of being a mage with 2 hp working for his money in a no nonsense world filled with trials and magical mystery. Now I run a game where all my players are gods, and they feel like this is only the start of their plans. I run the gambit on styles but always have a few hard truths. I find it hard to even make villains be racist, so I don't accept it from players. I don't do any hate of other people for the most part so if you do, don't even read further. What I DO do: Games that focus on characters and their stories. Games that focus on characters and their ability to kick butt in a vacuum. Games with both in tandem. I like to think there are tons of options for rpg characters besides how much damage they can pull off in one turn and when someone makes a character who is a great investigative force in their world I prefer to make that the focus of the story when possible. Players really decide how these things go. I will admit I'm weak when it comes to puzzle based things, so don't expect a lever with six runes and a wall with five and a clever riddle. My puzzles tend to be clues laid out about the lore of a place that is pieced together by clever players, or stumbled into accidently by a great fortune. I accept all kinds, even racists if they're willing to leave all of that at the door. I believe anyone can have fun playing rolls, and I want to give everyone that chance. I do have kids running about, so I should warn those of ya'll who can't stand a little interruption by someone wondering if killers are outside the window wondering what socks you should wear, this may be a deal breaker. I also tend to go hard into the theater of the mind style of storytelling. I like a picture or map when needed for combat or a good example of a monster or npc, but for the most part I don't care for the fun 3d tile sets and tokens for every little boi trying to hack you to bits when a picture of a pumpkin will due. Heck, one encounter I had changed to be the tokens rather than the monster I described and we had a laugh beating up a bunch of guys in sheets, instead of the fearsome wraiths. can't wait to see you.

GM style

I love a good joke, a great running joke, and even a dead horse of a joke that no one can let drop. I don't do great with puzzles, so I make mysterious stories under every little world waiting to be dug into. I love a good combat, but understand that the flow of combat is not the most exciting thing to be had in this world, so I spice things up with some fun descriptions when possible. I encourage magic use to be as wild and creative as possible, I remember when players were encouraged heavily to make spells of their own and become exactly the kind of hero they would like. Every class can be amazing, every race can be amazing, and every playstyle can be amazing. I believe it is my duty to give those the place to shine.

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