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About me

I've always loved creating stories. Whether I was a young girl, trudging through the bushes in my backyard on Tolkien-like adventures, or pouring words onto a page with pen and ink. So, when I discovered TTRPGs, I knew that was the way I was going to begin telling stories. I adored the feeling of weaving a tale that enraptures my players. I pride myself on a kind of cooperative story telling. I have the setting and the over all arcing plot, but I allow my players to help shape the story. I want them to feel as though their characters are truly a part of a living, breathing world.

GM style

My games tend to air on the side of heavy role play, so if you have a wild idea, try me. Though I do try to stick as best I can to the 'Rules as Written', I'm not above bending a rule here or there to let players have a fun moment. I tend to use theater of the mind for most combats, but will venture to using VTTs in more complicated fights (ie. boss battles or bunches of enemies) I will be providing safety tools to players before or during session 0. Above everything else, I'm here to provide a fun and safe environment for *all* my players.


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