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Dylan, Friendly Neighborhood GM

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Highly rated for: Creativity, Knows the Rules, Storytelling

About me

I've been fascinated by TTRPGs ever since a few friends had me join their table. The first game I played was a Homebrew world with Pathfinder rules, and I couldn't get over the sense of freedom and community I felt when we played; I was immediately hooked. In hindsight, that first game was pretty terrible, but that's what led me to start running games myself. My GM journey began with the very clunky Star Wars: The Role-playing Game. The system itself was not ideal, but I was able to gather my friends once a week and really enjoyed crafting new stories for them. Now, I've been running games off-and-on for over a decade for friends of mine all over the world. While I was working as a contractor out of an base in Japan, I managed to meet a lot of players and build a modest collection of games based on franchises I enjoy. I've had over thirty different players in my games over the years and am used to a huge variety of different player styles; and has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. So come over to the Friendly Neighborhood Games Discord server and join our growing community!

GM style

My games are usually very narrative-heavy with intriguing plots and deep lore. I usually lean toward franchise-based games and do extensive research on the in-game worlds to try to deliver the most immersive experience I can. Most of my games follow a "Natural Consequence of Actions" style of play and are very much player driven. All my games are new-player friendly. I've personally introduced a half-dozen people to this hobby and have a lot of experience guiding players through the learning curves. TTRPGs have become a HUGE part of my life, and as someone with ADHD, perfecting my games is a constant obsession. When I find a system or universe I like, I will learn every piece of lore available, and work hard to provide a game that feels authentic to that franchise's unique qualities. If you're looking for detailed, narrative-focused games with a lot of lore and world-building, or really want to get immersed in your favorite franchise worlds, I'm the GM for you!

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