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Joe Nolan (SimRanger)
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About me

Is your group looking to tell an EPIC story with an experienced Dungeon or Game Master? Start Here! I am an avid gamer of all kinds, having DM-ed/GM-ed table-top role-playing games since '83. I started with AD&D, and since , I have played or ran multiple different TTRPG systems to tell epic stories with friends. For the last several years, I have run live and virtual tabletop roleplaying games at events such as GENCON, Origins, RPG-Alliance CON, WashingCON, and Roll20CON, among others. I am an official volunteer Game Master with Green Ronin Publishing, and I work with groups such as to use the power of TTRPGs to entertain and help people. I am available to run 4-6 hour one-shot adventures for your group. I can DM/GM the following systems or settings to meet your interests: D&D 5e (Forgotten Realms, Ravenloft, Dragonlance and Stargate SG-1 settings), MASS Effect FATE RPG, and W40K Deathwatch RPG. I can also run all the Green Ronin Publishing Adventure Game Engine (AGE) game systems: Dragon AGE, Fantasy AGE (Freeport setting), Modern AGE (Threefold and Lazarus settings) and The Expanse RPG, as well as Mutants and Masterminds 3e (DC Comics Adventures) systems. All my games will include everything you need to get started! No experience is needed. We will teach players how to play the game, use Roll20 & Discord. Games include pre-generated player characters so you can get started right away. If you want to create your own characters and unique adventures, let me know and we can craft an event to meet your needs. Whatever your style and interest, there is a game system and setting waiting for YOU to tell an EPIC story! Please let me know if I can be your guide! If you are interested in booking of my one-shot adventures for your gaming group, corporate team-building event, birthday party or other occasion at a different time, please send me a request from my StartPlaying Game Master Page. I can also support in-person games in the east Orlando, Space Coast, South Daytona Beach area. Contact me for details. Available One-Shot Adventures can be found here: I am available Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm-1130pm, Eastern US. I may be available on Thursdays and Fridays in the evenings with prior coordination.

GM style

I am a narrative GM who likes to strike a balance of combat, role-playing and exploration encounters. I am not a strictly hack/slash or tactical wargaming style GM. I enjoy those games, but not as a Game Master. My goal for you is to tell EPIC stories with a group of AWESOME people. My game table is open to all players and I expect my players to have the same open mind. Together we can tell some great stories and perhaps learn a little more about each other along the way. My stories focus on adventure, daring, intrigue and mystery. Combat situations will include some elements of action violence. It will have the feel of a Jerry Bruckheimer or Michael Bay movie with the intrigue elements Alfred Hitchcock and Christopher Nolan. I do not include detailed intimate or racy adult situations in my adventures. My available one-shot adventures for your events can be found here: 100% of all proceeds of all my fundraising-labeled games will be donated to - a non-profit organization dedicated to using games and geek culture to raise awareness of active duty military and veteran issues, mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


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