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About me

Hi, i have about a years experience DM/GM/ST, Im also a creative mind, who is building a Entertainment company, specializing in tabletop, books, console/PC games, and love to homebrew my own worlds. I use Pathfinder 2e, and can use 5e as well, but definitely prefer PF2E over all. Im friendly, and love sandbox worlds, so expect mass freedom in the world, unless its deadly required to advance the story ( I.E a Rp moment with a king to get a quest.) I also love to utilize the kingdom building scales, and Time crunch on some quests, but am very open to taking those things out for all enjoyment. (NONE OF MY CAMPAIGNS WILL INCLUDE NON-CONSENUAL ACTIVITY OR CHILDREN, I DONT CARE HOW 'REALISTIC IT IS' IT IS WRONG IN ALL WAYS) I scale to add difficulty, i like to see thought go into the game ( Ogres, and sunlight, Vampires and holy water, etc.

GM style

Gritty realism, combat, Roleplaying, Homebrew, Open jack of trades. Gritty realism is a bit different for me, meaning i scale combat up a little more then what your level should handle, add a bit of dark souls feel to the games, as well open up thoughts of how to handle it without straight fighting. I do use my monsters with intelligence. and will reflect that in them if they notice something like sunlight coming up. Positioning is key to it all.


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