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Russell W.B. Kirkby

Professional Game Master
Russell W.B. Kirkbyhe/him

Player for
33 years
GM for
2 years
Hosted over
0 games

About me

Recently returned to New Zealand from Los Angeles, Russell has been playing and running D&D and other role playing games for over thirty years and is a now professional DM. With a background in stage, film and TV, Russell’s interests in D&D center on the game’s power to create unique, shared experiences that make self-development fun and exciting. His philosophy as a DM is to create "the illusion of total agency" for his players.

GM style

Roleplay heavy. Narrative focused. I am a professional actor and filmmaker. You don't have to be. But I will immerse you with voices and characters. I use Zoom with a 2nd camera for the battlemap and DnDBeyond.


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