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About me

Hello! I'm Britt. I delved into tabletop gaming during COVID and never looked back. I've been Game Mastering since June 2021, and I started playing in September 2021. I'm well-versed in D&D 5e and have dabbled in Pathfinder 1e. My tables are welcoming spaces for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or experience level. I've hosted games for players ranging from 6 to 54 years old, from newcomers to veterans. They're always LGBTQ+ friendly, and my pronouns are she/her. In our games, we come together to weave stories, and I'm here to facilitate that. Whether it's a one-shot or a mini-campaign, players drive the narrative, and I'm here to guide and enhance their storytelling. We play on Roll20 and use Discord for voice communication. Character creation, if needed, can be done on D&D Beyond for easy access to resource books. Feel free to share any homebrew ideas; we can create the perfect character and story together.

GM style

Shamelessly stealing this from my GM who has always emphasized this: Rule #1 is everyone is here to have fun, while not taking away from the fun of others. I personally thrive on interaction and roleplay, making it a priority to cultivate an environment where players feel at ease experimenting with character voices or quirks. Consequently, I make an effort to mirror this approach when portraying NPCs, occasionally adding a touch of an accent or two for immersion. Though I typically run one-shot adventures with defined plotlines, I actively encourage players to unleash their creativity. Exploration is highly encouraged – I love when players delve into the world, discovering unique ways to advance or obstruct the mission at hand. When it comes to the dice, I have learned they want to tell a story just as much as we do, so the Nat 1 and Nat 20 are always honored. Even failure can be epic and memorable! Combat is an integral part of our adventures – enjoyable, equitable, and challenging. I consider battles to be pivotal moments in our unfolding tale and treat them accordingly. I have an open door policy and encourage players to reach out if there are issues or concerns they have during session. I am also open to researching a ruling during session if it a quick find. Otherwise we will roll with the ruling given and touch base afterwards - there is always room for growth whether it is the player, GM, or both. At the end of session I have adopted two check in questions: 1) Did everyone have fun? 2) Is there anything that could be changed or improved? I'd rather chat about ways to improve than have a player leave unhappy or dissatisfied! Shout out to the content creators! All custom maps are created by DungeonDoug You can find him on Patreon and IG - be sure to check him out at

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