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About me

In 1985 I hear two teenagers talking about this tabletop game that was "most wicked and get this... Mom says it's the Devil's work!" Well, my adolescent mind HAD to find out what GAME could be linked to otherworldly forces!?! So, I pestered the teenagers at the bus stop until I gathered all the information I needed. First create CHARACTERS!?! WICKED AWESOME!! Then one-person (get this... the Dungeon Master, or DM) creates a "quest". The characters try to win/solve/beat the quest while the DM narrates?! And how do we figure out what happens?!?! Roll dice for random results... HOOOKED I tell you! P.S. we only had the d6's from the board games between the collective houses... we had no Gaming Store, no internet, we made up everything. My first DMG (AD&D) was gifted to me by some friends 6 years later. I've been story telling ever since. Have a great adventure, and may the dice roll in your advantage!

GM style

Roleplaying, character acting, promotion of outside of the box creative thinking! Combat when needed... Epic when had. Professionalism, and curtsey are freely given and gratefully taken. Imagination is key, the rules are physics; lets unlock some universes!


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