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About me

I have been gaming since 1982 when I got my first Dungeons and Dragons Basic Set. I received my first copies of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings on the same Christmas morning, and I've never looked back, steeped and raised in the lore of all the great fantasy authors. I like to think I have helped create some amazing worlds and stories over the years, with some unique twists and ideas along the way. I know how to tell a story and engage players. I was out of the scene for several years, but have come back in recent times to both playing and now as a GM. I have been running 5e now for a few years in various homebrew settings. I use a foundation of these skills, along with my hyperactive imagination, to paint wonderfully vivid worlds and help the players really take ownership of their characters to bring out their best role play. I employ the Green, Yellow, Red light safety tools and avoid materials that might be sensitive to players, respecting their needs and promoting an environment of safety and inclusivity. I use Discord, Roll20 for rolls, combat maps and either roll20 or DnD Beyond for character sheets. (Prefer DnD Beyond) While I have run many older more obscure gaming systems in the past, I am focused on Dungeons and Dragons 5e at this time and run my games on a private Discord server. If consent is given by all parties, I provide OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) recordings of all sessions for your enjoyment. I look forward to finding a great troupe to run a long-term, immersive and engaging campaign for!

GM style

Heavy Role Play Story Dynamics Theatre of the Mind Discord Primary - Roll20 VTT Homebrew Focused Epic Campaign Focused High Fantasy Rule of Cool Default Rules Light


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