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About me

[You open the gilt-edged scroll cautiously, all too aware of the fragility of the ancient paper in your hands. Upon the inner surface, the message gleams dully, obviously imbued with power - though, it does appear too rusty to have been a tannin-based ink... It reads: "The shadows welcome you. Arm yourself and face the night."] ... Okay, I'm dramatic. THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE HERE FOR THOUGH! Hi! I'm Neysa! I'm a member of the streaming group Team Bonus Action (find us on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, and Youtube!) and I write prolifically, including a campaign I'm currently building out for publication. [That campaign in particular is currently being played by a group of 8 PCs.] I have access to all of the official books on PDF. I'm a hardcore Critter, and have all the dreams of being the next Aabriya Iyengar or Matt Mercer, or some unholy-yet-wholesome fusion of the two (with just a pinch of Taliesin Jaffe for good measure). I have technically only been a DM for 6 months, but those 6 months include weekly and bi-weekly sessions with newbie and long-time players. I have encountered troublemaking goliaths, cautious paladins, and the mellowest of druids. I have Mastered for teenaged players and single mothers, college students and entrepreneurs. Now, to the nitty-gritty: Currently, I'm offering my services in DnD 5e and the occasional Monster of the Week game. I ADORE homebrew and non-official character creations [within reason, don't go too crazy, friends], and I will be happy to introduce your group to my own Realm of Zrail or an official world. I will run one-shot or shorter-form campaigns, but I specialize in longer-form campaigns [at least 5 sessions]. I love letting my PCs start at Level 3 for more fun faster. Unlike some other DMs, I'm not out to murder my PCs. I want to see you succeed, to explore these worlds and discover these legends yourself. With me, you'll reach the EndGame every time. I'll see you all in the shadows, friends. Come along; they won't linger forever!

GM style

I am a budding voice actor, with a range of vocal skills from baritone through soprano, and a number of accents to flesh out my NPCs. I do enjoy role-play and character development, and I am always willing to let the PCs adopt the blink-dog or dragonling. I do not see any benefit in claiming that role-play is better than roll-play: the fusion of imagination and probability is what makes the play so captivating. I roll with the punches, and role with my heart.

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