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My real name is Sean, I will go by Sevax or DM while we play. I'm 37 years old. I live in the Capital region upstate, NY, USA. I like rugby, gardening, baking and video games. I grew up playing TTRPG games like Hero Quest and Dragon Strike and have always enjoyed game designing and writing fantasy stories

GM style

Players in my campaigns should have fun. This is a game of make-believe, where you are empowered to become someone you're not and enjoy things you can't do in real life. I want to ensure everyone’s ideas, input, and innovativeness are allowed to shine in our time together. DM Style We must have open channels of communication if we’re going to successfully engage in all situations that may arise while playing. In the game we are creating, even the game’s creator doesn't have the authority to dictate how we play at our table. When playing a OneShot setting will be discussed individually and game concepts shout be brought up before play. When playing a campaign setting we will have a session zero to lay out how we’re going to play the game we each want to play and how this will all coalesce. D&D is played for fun, and some parts of the game, when played as strictly written, are not fun. These flaws may come to light immediately, shortly, or after any number of sessions. The latter is the worst case: you play a character for a while, are attached to the character, but one day realizes that you don’t enjoy playing that character. It's often difficult to articulate which parts of the game are tedious, or how to fix them, so even though you realize you have little to add to the game in certain situations, you still spend much of the game quietly waiting for the fun parts. These are annoying situations in a game that one plays to have fun, and the goal of these house rules is to avoid this and keep the focus on having fun. In that spirit, most of these fixes aim to be simple tweaks to avoid boredom and frustration, but I have included a couple of larger rewrites, should we agree to use them.

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