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Adam Jarecki

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15 years
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About me

D&D has been a huge part of my life for a long time, and worldbuilding has become one of my most important hobbies. Keeps me centered, and helps me navigate this crazy world. My favorite part is building a world with the players!

GM style

I'm a huge fan of the free-form "sandbox" game. I'll typically start the party off in a humble way, and have various things going on at once. The path you decide to take is the path the game takes! I take great effort to include the player's backgrounds into the story as appropriate, and firmly believe that the game is YOUR'S, I'm just making sure it doesn't go too wild and doesn't offend anyone. The "Rule of Cool" is #1 in my book, and am very open to allowing actions that bend the rules a bit. My main rule for the table is don't ruin another player's fun! If you start taking actions that will impact another player's enjoyment of the game, we're going to have a discussion about it.


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