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A wall of warm air welcomes you as you step into the bustling inn: The Natural One. Laughter, groans and viscous cackles surround you as you work your way into the room. You peruse the menu painted directly onto the wooden wall behind the bar and order your favorite drink; The Forgotten Familiar, although the new drink Rock Falls, looks pretty good too.. You take a seat at the bar and let the familiar atmosphere wash over you. Round tables stuff the building. Although the tables and chairs and tables are uniform, the adventuring parties occupying them are anything but. At one table a solemn party of elves, or possibly vulcans engage in tense diplomatic talks. You see one of them is resting there hand on their d20, ready to roll if anything goes wrong. The table to the right of them on the other hand, is sticky from spilled drink and dented from the roll of spiked dice. Raucous laughter dominates the table and you watch as a goblin sitting at the table falls from his chair in delight. You smile to yourself as the bartender hands you your drink with his cybernetic arm and you take your first sip. With a small shove against the hardwood bar you find your feet and begin your mission. You aren't here to relax after all. You are here to find an adventure of your own. The inn is packed but your eyes do find empty tables here and there, each with a lone occupant. GMs in want of players. As you scan the room you accidentally make eye contact with a vampire, who cocks a greedy smile. Your heart seizes as you quickly advert your eyes and duck into the nearest empty seat. You look out the corner of your eye, it looks like the vampire has returned his attention to his game. "Why hello there. Are you looking for a game?" a low, but friendly voice speaks. "I could be," you reply with a start. You take a moment to examine the GM before you. His bread was starting to gray, his dice were weathered and mismatched. "What's your story?" The GM cracks a smile that is somehow both warm and weary "I've told many stories my friend, stories of fallen gods and sunken treasures. Of distant stars and murderous corporations. I've conjured worlds from nothing, only to destroy them again. I've seen friends die, kingdoms saved, and heroes made. I have seen things to make my heart break and heal a hundred times." "Sounds like you've been through a lot," you say. "But my time and passion are precious to me, and is not easily spent. And there are a lot of open table here. What makes yours the best?" "You can hardly go wrong. There are plenty of fine GMs here, all of them eager to tell their stories." The DM leans forward and all the weariness burns away from his face, replaced by a fervent, perhaps even manic smile. "But sign up with me, and I'll craft you a world with you and your friends at the heart of it. A world without limits, where you are free to choose your friends and your enemies. A world for you character learn and to grow, to love and betray. A dynamic world that reacts to your choices and desires. Because I have no interest in telling you my story, my friend. I'm here to tell you yours." The DM picks up an assuming d20, and offers you the die. What do you do?

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