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About me

Sean is a video creator, game designer, adventure author, actor, comedian, and professional game master who brings his passion for collaborative storytelling to a wide audience. His goal is to grow and diversify the tabletop gaming hobby by inspiring people to play for the first time, players to GM for the first time, and GMs to try new games for the first time! He is available to book for public, drop-in/drop-out campaigns, one-shots, private campaigns, and one-on-one "campaign consultations" for GMs both amateur and professional! Feel free to direct message him for more information. His games are story-driven, and always include three-dimensional characters complete with unique voices, powerful factions, dynamic conflicts, thrilling scenes of tension and suspense, and a dash of humor. Play a game with Sean if you want to unlock your inner storyteller and tell an unforgettable tale!

GM style

Narrative-focused, including dynamic characters with believable motivations and fun voices! To me, roleplay is all about tense negotiations, tough choices, and exhilarating risks. My favorite game elements are faction play, intrigue, and interspersing pulse-pounding action with slice-of-life interludes!


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