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About me

Hi there! I'm Jon/Izzy a LGBTQ+ friendly and passionate Dungeon Master with over 18 years of playing and DMing experience in the thrilling worlds of TTRPG. My journey began nearly two decades ago, and since then, I've been crafting epic adventures, intricate plots, and unforgettable characters for my players. D&D isn't just a game for me; it's a creative outlet where imagination knows no bounds. I love the collaborative storytelling aspect, where every session brings new surprises and challenges. Whether it's weaving a tale of heroism, exploring deep lore, or devising clever puzzles, I strive to make every campaign an immersive and engaging experience. I run both homebrew campaigns and premade modules. Throughout my DMing career, I've had the privilege of guiding countless adventurers through treacherous dungeons, mystical realms, and grand quests. My style blends a mix of detailed world-building, dynamic NPCs, and flexible narratives that respond to the players' choices, ensuring that no two campaigns are ever the same. When I'm not rolling dice behind the screen, I enjoy diving into the latest D&D sourcebooks, expanding my collection of miniatures and maps, connecting with fellow enthusiasts to share tips and stories, and watching and listening to multiple TTRPG shows and podcasts. D&D has not only been a hobby but a lifelong passion that continues to inspire creativity and forge lasting friendships. Here's to many more adventures yet to come!

GM style

I have a love for immersive storytelling, a flexible approach to rules, and a commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. Here's what you can expect when you join one of my games: I’m a pro-player DM. While I respect the rules, I believe that creativity and fun should always come first. If a player comes up with a clever or cinematic idea that bends the rules, I'm all for it. The Rule of Cool reigns supreme in my games, ensuring that the story remains dynamic and exciting, and that players feel empowered to think outside the box. I strive for a 60/40 balance between roleplay and combat. I enjoy allowing players to deeply explore their characters, interact with the world, and drive the narrative forward. And have the combat provide thrilling challenges and strategic thinking. I do my best to keep the game engaging, catering to both storytellers and tacticians. My top priority is providing a safe and welcoming environment to my players. My games are LGBTQ+ friendly and open to players from all backgrounds. Everyone deserves to feel respected and valued at the table. I work to ensure that all participants feel comfortable expressing themselves and contributing to the game. My campaigns are rich with detailed lore, vibrant settings, and intricate plots. From epic quests to personal character arcs, I aim to create a world that players can truly immerse themselves in. I use vivid descriptions and deep world-building to bring the game to life. I value player input and encourage everyone to take an active role in shaping the story. Decisions have real consequences, and the narrative evolves based on the actions and choices of the players. This collaborative approach makes every campaign unique and memorable. Characters are the heart of any great game. I work with players to develop meaningful backstories and motivations, weaving these elements into the overarching plot. Thus enhancing the emotional depth and engagement of the game. From custom maps and items to carefully crafted NPCs, I pay attention to the little details that enhance the gaming experience. I aim to create a tangible and immersive world that draws players deeper into the adventure. Through prioritizing creativity, balance, and inclusivity, I aim to create unforgettable experiences where every player can shine. Here's to many more epic quests and shared stories!

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