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About me

Hi, I’m Sasha, I've been playing DnD for nearly 4 years both as a player and a GM. I am a PhD student studying geography and arctic science so I love making cool maps and making my worlds seem as realistic and interesting as possible. I also am a writer, creating several homebrew classes, game systems, and bestiaries on the DMsGuild. As a GM, I love creating expansive homebrew worlds where my players can be entertained and engages in the characters and events. I do my best to incorporate each character's backstory into the world and make sure that everyone at the table has a chance to shine. I like creating games with lots of potential for roleplay and lore exploration but also difficult combat scenarios that keep players on their toes. I welcome new players and veterans alike. I have experience as an educator and am happy to show anyone the ropes to ttrpgs. All of my magic items and monsters are completely homebrewed and playtested to provide my players with customized experiences that even veteran players fill find refreshing and new. I also have training in diversity and equity work and actively make efforts to make sure that everyone feels welcome at my table. That includes having strict policies against harassment, bullying, or hate speech, making sure that my worlds are representative, and encouraging an open environment that brings in players from all backgrounds. Very comfortable running long term sprawling sand box campaigns. But I will happily run one-shots and mini campaigns as well. I’m a friendly, easy going GM, who has a very firm grasp of the rules so you won't have to worry about me having to look something up in the middle of combat. I DM for DnD 5e but am working up to be able to run other systems. All of my games run on Roll20 with custom artwork and macros. I look forward to meeting new players [old or young] and have some fun adventures together.

GM style

My GM style focuses on making sure that everyone is having fun in an interesting and engaging narrative story. That includes making expansive sandbox worlds filled with political intrigue, pantheons of gods, and turmoil. My players always come first and I make sure to adapt my story and style to best fit their needs. I encourage my players to explore and develop their characters throughout a campaign and try to create a friendly environment where everyone feels free to share openly and express themselves. I pride myself in creating a very inclusive game that is as free of discrimination, triggers, and stereotypes as possible. This includes make sure that everyone at the table is open to having people from all different backgrounds, genders, races, physical abilities, ages, and experience levels. I follow things fairly Rules-as-Written and closely follow Sage Advice to make sure I am as fair and by the book with my rules as possible. That said, if you do something really cool, I'll work with you to see if we can make something happen if it falls outside of RAW. I completely homebrew all of the worlds I run in including all of the monsters you will encounter, all of the NPCs you will interact with, and a majority of the magic items you will discover. This includes making NPCs based on your backstory and magic items that best fit your character concept. Providing a good game means caring about your players and I work hard to make sure that everyone feels like they had a chance to take center stage if they want to. I am always available for questions and happily accept any feedback. I believe that communication is key and that if we achieve that, we can create a really fun time at the table for everyone.

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