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About me

Greetings, Adventurers! My name is Sam, and I am a UK-based actor, musician, and barista running both in-person D&D sessions at my coffee shop and online games through my Discord server. Having grown up living above a board game shop, I have developed a passion for gaming that is unparalleled across all realms. Coupled with my background in acting, D&D has evolved into a veritable obsession for me. So, bring your most intriguing character flaws, and let's jump in!

GM style

With a background in acting, you can anticipate roleplay and individual character development at the core of my table. I always reward players who act in accordance with their PC's disposition, as story-first play is my preferred style. Moreover, growing up above a board game shop has given me a keen nose for strategy and game design in combat and puzzles. I'm equally enthusiastic about running a straightforward dungeon crawl or puzzle-style adventure as I am about crafting grand story arcs and delving into intricate backstory quests. However, please inform me if you have a preference for the former, as my default setting leans towards the latter. To quote my favourite D&D source, my monsters know what they're doing. Expect to bring creativity to encounters and combat at my table. I delight in developing robust story arcs and leaving pivotal decisions to my players. A firm believer in the dice, I don't shy away from character deaths, but fear not! With a strong inclination towards the rule of cool and story-driven play, I prioritise having fun and weaving unforgettable narratives. I am familiar with the majority of the preset official adventures and have expanded many into new territories. Additionally, I run games in the entirely original homebrew world of Samhain, meticulously crafted over several years by my brother and me. I am well-suited for both new players and seasoned veterans. That's it! Feel free to ask any questions you might have. I look forward to playing with you. A note to experienced players: Please be aware that my gameplay utilises rules as guidelines to enhance the story and maintain its momentum. I may slightly adjust the functionality of familiar rules, spells, and more to better suit the situation, flow, and story as it unfolds. I encourage roleplay, even in my one-shots. If you prefer a RAW, mechanically driven, wargame-style; my games may not be the best fit for you. I welcome and encourage outlandish and rule-breaking suggestions if they enrich the story and make sense with your character. I will always ensure that everyone involved agrees on a fair and fun ruling. Story>Rules :) "As a referee, the DM interprets the rules, decides when to abide by them, and when to change them." (Page 4, 5e DMG)

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