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About me

🦎 He/Him 🦎 I am a full-time game master with over a decade of experience doing theatrical improvisation and stand-up comedy. I run TOTAL IMPROV D&D, an entirely improvised, on-stage, actual play in downtown Montreal. I also run tabletop games on a volunteer basis for queer and neurodivergent young adults. Aside from running RPGs, I also offer improv workshops and coaching sessions. If you would like to commission a session for you and/or your players and/or other GMs, please DM me. If you enjoy a bit of humour and a focus on growing your character and the world around your character, we're going to be like two peas in a pod. Or two goblins in a cave. Or two owls on a branch. Or two bananas in one peel - which is quite rare, but can happen.

GM style

I'm a GM who likes a good story told. That means a good mix of: roleplaying, stakes, and verisimilitude. As characters (and their players!) grow, the world grows with them. What's most important to me in that regard is getting together a healthy band of players. I want to make sure every player is on board to play as a team and share in the glory of adventure! For that reason I take my time to speak to every potential player to make sure they're a good fit and ready to be inclusive. I like to build interesting and diverse encounters, and to offer intriguing (and often silly) roleplaying moments. My strengths are certainly my skills at improvising, voice acting, and pacing.

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