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Sage of the High Weald

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About me

The scent of blood and smoke hang thickly in the air. Close by, a scream is cut short by the groaning “CRACK” of collapsing wood. The baleful wyrm before you rears its serpentine head, its eyes ablaze with malice. Your blade, swift and true, sings with righteous contempt—but it finds no purchase within the beast. The dragon grates out a deep laugh; the scene around you falls away, like ashes in the rain… Was this, too, just an illusion? If you’re looking for epic, deadly, and mysterious fantasy adventures where you get to play the hero of your own story, look no further! My name’s Sage, and suffice to say I’m obsessed with all things D&D. Five years ago, I started running games for my family when I grew too impatient to settle for just one game a week, and since then I’ve run multiple campaigns and a variety of one-shots and short adventures. I love players who write fun and creative characters and are willing to share their ideas with me. I know the rules of D&D 5e like the back of my hand, and I’ve written my fair share of homebrew for it: an entire class called the Gunslinger, playable races including the silent, insectile Othrami, a suite of mechanics for wilderness survival, and more. Though I feel at home running heroic fantasy adventures, I’m familiar with other genres too! If you enjoy the cosmic horror of Call of Cthulhu, the action-packed mech fights of Lancer, or the character-driven superhero antics of Masks, I might have the game for you! If there’s a system you’re dying to play, feel free to contact me; I pick up new systems very quickly.

GM style

I love telling heroic fantasy stories with high stakes, epic villains, and deadly combat encounters. Where possible, I tie the primary conflicts of my stories into my players' character backstories to make their trials feel personal. A typical session at my table will last 4-5 hours, with exploration and social interaction occupying the majority of this time. One combat encounter per session is the norm at my table, though some sessions will include up to three combat encounters or none at all, depending on the direction my players decide to take the story. My games are very roleplay-heavy, and even if you're not confident at RP I encourage you to give it a go. If you want to give your character a silly voice or a larger-than-life personality, go for it!


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