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About me

Hey! I'm Jeff and I've been Gming for about 7 years! I'm always down to help new players learn the ropes and I focus having fun and roleplaying while keeping pretty true to the rules as written. LQBTQ+ friendly and I consider my virtual table a safe place for people of all backgrounds and orientations to feel welcome. Catch me live Twitch to say hey and ask any on the spot questions, as well as YouTube where I focus on all things TTRPG

GM style

I strive to have a safe table, where everyone is comfortable being themselves and roleplaying in a judgment free zone I provide every character option available for character creation and I'm extremely comfortable with helping new players create characters Not a rules lawyer! Homebrew stories, no homebrew rules. I run all of my games with rules as written with a few house rules thrown in I love you run beginner games, focused on playing at a slower pace to make sure everyone is learning


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