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Jeff: The Kind & Benevolent DM

2 years on StartPlaying


463 games hosted


Highly rated for: Creativity, Teacher, Inclusive


Average response time: Under 1 hour


Response rate: 100%

About me

Hey! I'm Jeff and I've been GMing for about 7 years! I'm always down to help new players learn the ropes. I focus having fun and roleplaying while keeping pretty true to the rules as written. LQBTQ+ friendly and I consider my virtual table a safe place for people of all backgrounds and orientations to feel welcome. Catch me live on Twitch, say hey and ask any on the spot questions, as well as YouTube where I focus on all things TTRPG

GM style

Dive Into a World Crafted by Your Imagination and Guided by Our Shared Vision: As your Game Master, my style is sculpted by the principles of inclusivity, understanding, and the thrilling 'rule of cool,' ensuring that each game is an unforgettable journey tailored to the diverse styles and voices of my players. My approach is heralded for being exceptionally welcoming to newcomers, creating a nurturing environment where all players, regardless of experience, can flourish and contribute meaningfully to our narrative. Emphasizing adaptive, player-driven storytelling, I celebrate the unique contributions of each player, allowing your decisions to steer the story in exciting, uncharted directions. We thrive on the principle of 'fun over rules,' where the joy of the game and the creativity of our collective imaginations take precedence over rigid adherence to the rulebook. I pride myself on creating a space where players feel empowered to judge the flow and nature of the game, ensuring a dynamic and collaborative experience that respects and reflects everyone's input. This player-first mentality is complemented by a strong support system, fostering an environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and understood. Whether advocating for "NO SILVERY BARBS" or embracing them, our game is a testament to our collective creativity, humor, and the unbreakable bond we share as adventurers. Together, let's embark on a journey where every session is a celebration of our collective storytelling, a place where your actions and choices craft the legends we'll remember for years to come.


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