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About me

Hi, I'm Alex! I've been playing games for... such a long time. Let's just call it 20 years and move on! I want to try hosting some games to help improve my skills, and see if I can give people a fun time while I'm at it. Maybe even pick up some tips or ideas from players. Learning is what helps me be a better DM and designer! I've got a lot of experience with various systems, and I like to think I bring that experience with me. I'm more than happy to run pre-printed adventures, or learn a new system. I'd say my best skill is worldbuilding (where that comes into play), but adapting to players or circumstances is also a strong suit. Communication is KEY at my tables, for me and for the players. I'm comfortable with using VTTs, though I'm also a huge "theatre of the mind" fan! My personal gaming groups use Owlbear Rodeo, for example. So reach out, say hi! Let's see if we can give you the game you've been looking for.

GM style

While my style usually adjusts to the table, I'm a fan of roleplay and story (my character voices need work). I had my crunchy combat phase a while ago, and I still enjoy it, though it's not my default anymore. Note: some systems I know aren't in the list provided, and I am willing to learn more systems, if people express enough desire for them! Overall, my style is pretty lighthearted, especially once the group dynamic is in place. Gaming is supposed to be FUN, and I try to make sure everyone has some. I would say what makes me a little different from most GMs is that, even in the most fantastical situations, I try to infuse a veneer of what "reality" would be like. Whether that means I alter monster stats, rule against or in favour of unusual applications of spells, etc... I want you to feel like you're in a world where there is a consistent logic. Don't take that to mean I ignore the rules, though!

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