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About me

I am a game designer, real-life adventurer and general creative exploring the frontier of collaborative storytelling in these plague years.

GM style

I run high-adventure-low-fantasy games heavy on role-playing and light on cumbersome rules. We "follow the feels" and fuel our games on telepathy and intuition rather than dungeon-dripping in a calculated fashion. Players contribute heavily to running the sessions and influencing worldbuilding as my games often showcase regular creative writing contributions from players as source material and character fodder. Typically, our games will be run on my own rule systems and settings. This is not right for all, but facile players interested in game design will get satisfaction from being a part of the development process. Players will receive free digital downloads of any required materials (as well as coupons to purchase HEAVILY discounted physical copies if desired). The games I host are for EVERYONE and ANYONE with an OPEN MIND and THICK SKIN! I will never discriminate my player selections based on experience, gender, race, or religion. I am also uninterested in your politics. - whatever they may be- So please don't bring them along on our adventures. The content of our games may explore dark, existential, or difficult themes that can be potentially disturbing to some players. There will likely be content that involve sinister and mature subject matter. There will almost certainly be a lot of cursing or adult language. This is play-pretend for adults, so if you feel you may be unprepared to dive in these waters that is okay, but please find other games to play :)

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