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Rudy Basso
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Hi there! I've been tabletop gaming for nearly 16 years now, and have run games for podcasts, livestreams, and conventions. I was the co-owner of the gaming network Don't Split the Podcast Network, and have produced hundreds of hours of TTRPG podcast goodness. Some of my favorite things to GM: - Dungeons & Dragons for new players. Ever wanted to try D&D but know nothing about it? I'd love nothing more than to teach it to you and your friends, and show you first-hand why it's one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. Bring yourself and an open mind to the table - I'll do the rest! - Spooky, atmospheric horror games. I really enjoy giving players chills as they encounter their first ghost, alien, or Lovecraftian horror in a TTPRG. - Nonviolent-focused RPGs. Tired of hitting goblins with your sword or shooting baddies with a gun? I've got several systems under my belt where creative nonviolent solutions are the best ways to deal with obstacles. Whether violence is discouraged because of real-world consequences (punch the bully and you're suspended from school!) or because it's simply ineffective (foolish human, your bullets do nothing to The Colour Out of Space!), being unable to fall back on swords and guns makes for a truly unique RPG experience.


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