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Jessica Woffinden

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Jessica Woffinden

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About me

In the Spring of 2014 in a cramped living room full of high school friends and Little Caesar's crazy bread, "How are you?" became my first role playing game words as I spoke to a prisoner our party had thrown into a stable full of manure. Our DM gave me a look before saying, "I'm covered in ****!" sending our friends into fits of laughter while choking on crazy bread, and I've been hooked ever since. I crave the improv and bizarre situations only role playing games can bring, and the bond of friendships forged by something as simple as dice and paper. Join me as you delve into the world of fantasy, experiencing moments that make your heart race, your friends cry, and your chest swell with pride as we weave your hero’s story together. Over 4,000 hours of RPG experience | Well-versed in D&D 5e and Pathfinder settings | Experience in improv acting and detailed fantasy writing | Excited for new players and veterans alike | Family friendly!

GM style

MY PREFERED AESTHETICS TO PLAY: Sensation - Using descriptive wordage, perfectly timed music, and unique NPC voices and backgrounds, players can see the images of sessions so clearly they forget they're sitting safely at home in front of their computer when the BBEG shows up. Narrative - If you can't tell a story, you're failing as a DM in my opinion. Conclusion is a big part of this - I love making stories tie together! Fellowship - I want my players to feel unity in-game and out of game (given this is up to the players to make happen). The more players trust each other, the better the story we can tell together.


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