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About me

What makes my world and stories different? I keep my sessions focused on fun first and foremost, internal consistency second and I think rules were meant to be bent, if not broken. This is why I have created a fully fleshed-out setting of my own design, with fun and unique twists to keep even the most seasoned player on their toes while leveling the playing field for people who have never even sat down to play before because you should throw most preconceived notions about races and such out the window. I tend to take the content that has been put out and tweak it to make it... just better (*cough* Hadozee *cough*) and add it to my sprawling homebrew Setting Kreya! I have been playing and running DnD for over ten years (4e and then 5e). My biggest drive to create stories, characters, and worlds is because so much media has dull, uninspired, and often offensive parts. I aim to create something fun and quirky but epic in scale and inclusivity! I'm Proficient in not JUST DnD, but also, star finder, StarWars RPG, Vampire the Masquerade, and yes even pokemon tabletop united. Not to mention, I am always on the lookout for new fun game systems to learn, play, and add to my repertoire. I am Anti-Racism, Anti-homophobia, and Anti-ablism, none of these things will be tolerated at my table, I go out of my way to remove these things from the content, and I will not allow anyone to add them back in. In session zero, my players fill out a form that will have them tell me both about the things that will make them uncomfortable so I can avoid triggers like the plague, and about the things that they really want out of a game. I work best when I have very open communication with my players so I can tailor the game to their wants, needs, and desires while telling a fantastic story. I want to make my player's wildest dreams come true, and I would move the sun and moon for them (Lupaviccio and Galune respectively in Kreya) Oh, and did I mention, Characters under level 5 can't Perma-Die? ;)

GM style

Improvisational. I run off of my players themselves and tailor the game to them. I'm extremely comfortable with roleplaying, I have many beloved and quirky NPCs, and I love coming up with new ones. I also encourage my players to do what they want, because I will always be excited to "yes and" with them. I also know many wargaming and real life combat tactics, that I will deploy to make sure that combat is fun and challenging without being overwhelming.

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