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About me

Professional Voice Actor and Improviser here. My pronouns are 'he/him' but I also answer to 'yaboi' (pronounced 'ya boy') Feel free to elongate the 'ē' sound at the end of that pronoun for additional comedic/dramatic effect. I've been playing/GMing TTRPGs for over a decade at this point (almost as long as I've been a gamer) and also have a strong educational base in STEM. I'm very invested in both Anime and Korean music so I'm probably a few steps away from leaving the realm of being a 'connoisseur' and very close to becoming a 'snob'. I'm a hard Pathfinder 1st Edition Head so you probably won't catch me running anything aside from that. Help this actor get his bag. My handle on Discord is rosc00 so feel free to shoot me a DM there if you have any questions. Just don't expect me to answer with correct capitalization. I'm very casual under normal circumstances.

GM style

I tend to run my games with the dark grittiness of Berserk combined with the grounded logic and zaniness of KonoSuba. You're free to interact with the world in whatever manner you wish; even if that means completely disregarding any plot hooks and doing whatever you want. I will try to facilitate it if it makes sense from a character standpoint. I'm open to all kinds of Dark/Weird stuff happening in my campaigns but will adjust based on each player's taboos and limitations. Expect my games to have a 7:3 RP to Combat split that's subject to change depending on what the party is looking to do. TTRPGs are collaborative storytelling experiences in the form of superlong form improv so I always prioritize the overall narrative of the campaign and player agency over anything else. That means no 'Mary Sues'. Characters will always be made to face the ramifications of their own actions (whether positive or negative) and may die as a result of it. You as a player are playing a 'Main Character' but that doesn't make you invulnerable in any way. If you happen to die, then we can use it as a narrative plot point in the campaign. If you have anything you need to get off your chest [that's related to the campaign you're playing in] feel free to just say it to me. I prefer direct immediate communication in these instances and won't take any of it personally. Sticking to Pathfinder 1st Edition until further notice.

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