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About me

I have had the pleasure of running TTRPGs and other Roleplaying games for six years, with a focus on D&D 5th Edition. I have also run other systems such as the Fate Core System and Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. I am also doing my best to learn new games and systems and I am always willing to learn and try these new systems if my players request. I have hosted games for both friends and strangers both new and inexperienced. Introducing players to this wonderful hobby and community is one of the best parts of being a GM in my opinion. I respect and value every player's input and preferences, and I strive to make my games fun and immersive for everyone and expect my players to treat everyone at the table with respect also. I have no preferred genre of game I have taken my players through a range of scenarios both spooky and deadly. While I love making goofy voices I conform to the genre at play, whether you want to scream, laugh or cry. I hope we have the opportunity to roll some dice together and have some fun.

GM style

I am a relaxed GM I run games usually with rules as intended over rules as written. I always encourage players to think outside of the box and attempt the impossible (within reason) with the rule of cool always being a mainstay in my games. This doesn't mean a player can simply ascend to godhood with a single roll, however, if a player wants to befriend a demon in order to prevent a combat encounter they can try if they accept the consequences of succeeding/failing. I am a firm believer that as a GM my job is to provide a narrative and world that evolves with the choices that my players make. I encourage my players to act through their characters and one of the most fun aspects of running these games for me is interacting with my players through a variety of NPCs with goofy voices. I want my players to feel challenged in and out of combat but above all I want my players to have fun! (Feel free to message me on Startplaying or Discord if you have any questions!)

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