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About me

Greetings and Salutations! Call me DM! I am a US EST Dungeon Master/Game Master looking for Adventurers like you! I have been DMing for 5 years and have been an on/off-again player for over 20 years! Currently Running: - Aes'Taldon: Evil Begets Evil [Homebrew D&D 5E] [0/6 seats open] - Aes'Taldon: The Beginning [Homebrew D&D 5E] [1/6 seats open] | Bi-Weekly Fridays @ 6:30 PM EST | $25 per session LGBTQA+ Friendly! Women/Femme Identifying Friendly! Discrimination, objectification, trolls, threats of violence, and all negative mindsets are not allowed at my table. I am willing to learn new Game Systems if there is a need for it. --- I currently offer custom adventures for: - Solo | Duos - Standard Groups (max 6) - Holiday Parties - Birthdays - Team Events Message me for a quote! Please note: Prices may vary depending on a number of factors including, but not limited to: Number of People Attending, Complexity of the Request, and Hours Requesting. There is also a 50% fee added if the requested time/day are during my Off-Hours/Days. --- Planning to Run: $25 per session | All dates are TBD - Spelljammer: Adventures in Space [D&D 5E Module] - Out of the Abyss [D&D 5E Module] - Starwars 5E - Myrtle Beach by Night [VTM 5E] [6/6 seats open] | --- I am passionate about creating lively, expansive environments for my players to fully immerse themselves in. I focus heavily on Roleplay, helping my Players build characters that are a part of the world rather than just existing in it. I love using character backstories to shape the story and let my Players feel like their characters matter and are a part of this world. Experience with any of the aforementioned Game Systems is not required as I can easily work with new players.

GM style

Roleplay Heavy - I love having my characters build long-lasting stories together Puzzles - Who doesn't love a good puzzle every now and again Combat - Not my forte but I love a good scrap every now and again Improv - I think I'm great at improvising my sessions to meet my Players needs Voices - Not great but that's what VoiceMod is for! Backstories - I love utilizing your backstory to make your character feel more real Zero Tolerance - I do not tolerate discrimination, threats/acts of violence, disparaging remarks, or vulgarity of any kind


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