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About me

Hello and welcome, if you are looking for a campaign dedicated to role play, character growth and an immersive story in the style of Critical Role then I might have the game for you My name is Lee, and I love integrating those backstories into worlds that feel real and dynamic. My players love how committed I am to really getting into the RP of creatures and NPC's. I'm British, a dad of two and have a wide range of interests and hobbies, inclueding sports and the typical 'nerd' stuff. There is so much to enjoy out there why limit yourself to one genre! I have a great discord community that is a safe and welcoming space for all!

GM style

My main goal is to create an immersive and compelling story. I take the time to integrate my players backstories into the overall narrative of the campaign. This creates campaigns that are truly unique, with multiple parties having different experiences. I make my games feel as realistic and dynamic as possible. My NPC's behaviour reflects their ambitions and ability to achieve their own goals, from the hungry wolf seeking an easy meal to the vindictive and cruel Drow Priestess set upon capturing thralls. Combat can be brutal, as I use everything at the creature’s disposal in an attempt to fully bring NPC's to life as they attempt to achieve their own goals, just as any player created character would. I often alter stat blocks, homebrew monsters and create variations of classic monsters. If you are looking for a game with a GM who cares about you and the story you want to tell with your character then I hope you find your table with me.

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