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About me

I got into TTRPGs by first playing Open Legend and I fell in love with roleplaying characters, blasting baddies with magic, and exploring settings from our wildest imaginations! Since that first game I have been running and playing games in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition for 5+ years. As a Dungeon Master, I enjoy weaving tales for many of my own characters, as well as dozens of players into my rich and vibrant world of Allanar. In my world you'll find powerful magics, gods interfering with the daily lives of mortals, dragons plotting, thieves gangs warring, and anything else you want! So come, pull up a seat, choose your dice, and get ready to create some incredible stories!

GM style

Roleplaying is highly recommend! I will definitely do voices, and rest assured I will try my best to be consistent with a character's voice but I make no promises! Also, I like following the rules, especially for combat, but outside of that they are there to help guide the story and provide a framework for playing. That being said, I do homebrew some rules cause the objective is fun, not rules discussions that slow gameplay. The best games in my opinion are when the players and GM build the story and world together through backstories, character interactions, and roleplay. I enjoy taking my players backstories and weaving a tale for you to unravel as you follow the breadcrumbs I leave. It helps to build a more rich and full story as players and GM are more invested in the world they're playing in. If all that sounds wonderful to you, then I hope to see you in one of my games!

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