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With nearly a decade of experience as a Dungeon Master for D&D 5e, Rodonyo comes equipped with all the tools to give you the best experience possible. A graduate student working on research with TTRPGs, he has studied this game inside and out to truly master its inner workings. Rodonyo has had the honor to work on multiple voice work projects, developing a greater sense of what it means to embody the characters he portrays. Years of experience in the education field will ensure that beginners feel right at home learning at his table. Rodonyo has just recently concluded a campaign of five years, and has left his players with memories that will last a lifetime (many have left reviews right here). Now, he is so excited to share the world he created with new players, bringing the passion he had in his campaign right here to StartPlaying. He is a warm, welcoming individual that is willing to do whatever it takes to give his players the best experience possible. Should you decide to sit at his table, prepare for a D&D session that you will remember forever.

GM style

Players at Rodonyo's table can expect character centric play that encourages roleplay and exciting story beats. Every player will enjoy deep, thorough entrenchment of their character into the world they exist in. From laughs to tears to unbridled rage, Rodonyo has mastered the art of player investment. Despicable villains, loving allies, and downright hilarious characters will fill the campaign with life. With his voice acting experience, you can expect to know a character simply by the sound of their voice, even sometimes forgetting that all these characters are the same person. Combat is an ever-present aspect of D&D, and this is no different at Rodonyo's table. Players can expect challenging, thought-provoking combat that forces teamwork and cohesion, but also opens the door to incredible character moments. The Rule of Cool is a staple of his combat, have an awesome double backflip drop kick in mind? Roll it out and watch your fantasy come alive. Combat will always drive the story forward or occupy an important space in the campaign, ensuring that each combat is meaningful and intentional. Rodonyo loves entrancing his player's with a good mystery. Sleuths will find an especially exciting puzzle to solve as they delve deeper into the world that he has created. Every overturned stone will reveal another clue, so much that players have mused over the possibilities for hours outside of sessions in the hopes of connecting all the dots. The stakes are high, and players are challenged to get one step ahead lest they be left in the dust by enemies that know what they're doing.

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