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About me

I am the forever DM of my local gaming groups and have learned to draw enjoyment from this role. I have been running games for over 18 years on a twice a month schedule and much of that has been running multiple games without issue. Although my local gaming groups preference is currently for the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons, I have run games from every edition(including the TSR era) of Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder, Starfinder, World of Darkness, and Shadowrun. I am also a published DMsGuild author and have created my own homebrew adventures and entire campaign world. Keep in mind that my listed games for sign ups are only some of the games I am able to hold. Got a module or adventure you really want to run and just need a narrator? I can help with that. Other than that I'm just a middle class wage worker willing to sacrifice some of my off time to run a game I have loved since rolling up my first character.

GM style

I have always been a story based game master. I value the worldbuilding, the character backgrounds, and the way the players influence events in the world around them. While I do view the rules as important, I am also not afraid to create new rules to fill in gaps that the rulebooks do not cover or override the rules if a player comes up with a really good or cool idea. All of my rolls are done in the "open", except "private player and GM rolls", so my players can see what they are up against. Combat is as fair as I can make it. Animals fight like animals, humanoids fight with some strategy, and boss encounters will try to turn every advantage they can possibly get against the party. Regular encounters should feel like the players have room to make mistakes and experiment with new powers and abilities, but when the boss encounters come along it should feel pressing. That being said, I've been outsmarted in combat in the past and it will undoubtedly happen again in the future.

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