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RKDM - Russell Kirkby
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About me

Epic, cinematic, narrative-driven, roleplaying Experiences! With a background in stage, film and TV, both in front and behind the camera--Russell’s interests centre on the power of roleplaying games to create unique, shared experiences--that exceed the expectations of his players. With thirty-five years of experience running tabletop roleplaying games, Russell's philosophy as a DM is to create "the illusion of total agency" for his players. He is equally at home running team-building exercises as he is teaching screen-acting, kicking in doors or slaying ogres. Presently, Russell also offers a free video service to those who wish to rewatch their sessions and also keep a permanent record online. (Either public or private facing depending on the group’s preferences). Examples of hundreds of professional sessions can be found on Russell’s youtube channel - under Playlists. You can also watch and interact with Russell and the Vaingate Chronicles cast, live every Friday night on Twitch - Learn more about RKDM at

GM style

As a professional GM, with a history of acting, voice-acting, screenwriting, directing and streaming-- RKDM runs a roleplaying-heavy, story-focused campaign designed to be immersive for players interested in exploring a fully realized world inhabited by real people. RKDM will collaborate with you to make a maximally dramatic character for their original campaign setting Sidarhael (D&D5e), an official module such as Dragonlance, or for Vampire The Masquerade.


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