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About me

HI I'm Jen aka rillystar and I'm a BIPOC LGBTQA+ longtime DM from Western Canada. I've been a DM since the late 90s across various systems, however currently am focusing on D&D 5E, Pathfinder 1.0 with plans to start potentially running a few other systems like Avatar. My TTRPG and LARP preferences have always been on the more RP side rather than focusing on dice rolls and stringent rules framing. I am a big supporter of consent based games, using tools like the X-card, O-card systems as well as using Session 0s to provide context, expectations and discuss themes/subject matter that as a group we can come to a consensus to opt into. I've done work in the realm of sensitivity reading, and some setting writing, though mostly in the field of LARP. However, I am currently working on homebrewing a setting and system to support a very specific style of Wuxia (Chinese Martial Heroes) LARP and corresponding TTRPG. I am an active member of the local Dungeons & Dragons Community, spending my time off work adventuring as a director of YVR Dungeon Masters - A Vancouver BC based non-profit that teaches new players, supports local Dungeon Masters and organizes gaming charities to support the community. Outside of gaming, I am a foodie, a fashion lover, artist and travel lover. You can find me on Instagram under rillystar and dicedreams (showcasing my shiny math rocks!)

GM style

I prefer smaller groups (3-5) and focus on player driven, character-centric stories with more emphasis on role playing than dungeon slogging. The more a player gives me to work with in terms of backstory, goals and wants, the more I can hone into that and build it into the game. My games also have an emphasis on consent and safety at the table. The mechanics I'm currently using to support this are the RPG Consent Checklist and the X-card system. However I can also include the O-card system for those who prefer this system. My previous players have mentioned that having snacks at the table is a good idea, as I'm a foodie and that seems to seep out into games :)


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