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Rillean, Master of Trinkets
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About me

. . . and as you scroll down the page of Game Masters you cannot help but stop and read the text next to this picture of a half man, half skeleton king. It intrigues you or perhaps infuriates you that the text seems to be narrating your thoughts, your actions . . . but maybe . . . maybe, this is where your next adventure begins . . . But who am I? I am Rillean, Master of Trinkets. I started my D&D and TTRPG adventure in my college days. Invited to a table where I learned first hand a lot of the "don'ts" to role playing games. But I had heard such great things about this game and I was determined not to let a few bad eggs dissuade me from learning. So I approached a group of my friends who I knew played but then I ran into the second obstacle all of us face at one point or another . . . Everyone wanted to play, but no one wanted to be the GM/DM. So, I volunteered and well, the rest is history. Now I am a content creator on several platforms specializing in D&D content, and I want to bring the joy I find in this game to more people. I love the cooperative story telling that comes with this games, I enjoy crafting and playing out combat and social encounters, and I excel at bad accents. If you are interested in playing, have experience, or have never played before, shoot me a message, and let's get some dice rolling. You can either join me on one of the games I have posted below which include games for people of all experience levels or you can book me for a private session. I will help with character creation, run a One-Shot or a full blown campaign for you and your party.

GM style

As a GM I am open to lots of different styles, but I love getting into character with my players and role playing even the grittiest of combats. However, if you just want to roll the dice and only throw out the odd insult or taunt here or there, I am ready for that too. If you have never played before, I am your guy. I have had very few games we did not have at least one person that had never played before. Even if you have never looked at the books or touched a d20 or maybe don't even know what that is, I can help. I love introducing people to this amazing world and cannot wait to see you get your first crit. Trust me, it is rewarding.


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