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About me

Classically trained in Shakespearean Theatre so you know my knob jokes and sword fights are top shelf. I enjoy theater of the mind play style with a few references. I've never come out on top with a Deck of Many Things, and have learned nothing from it. I can run modules or my home brewed world of Toi Kratistoi. Prices are negotiable. I personally prefer being paid per seat.

GM style

I enjoy role play and combat in equal measure and like to have the results of either to affect the other. I'm a fairly flexible GM who prioritizes a fun challenging game. I will warn I don't always balance encounters I believe that players can improvise something to turn the tides or turn tail if things get too hairy. My brain thinks in magical realism and try to have a reasoning cast for all my threads and threats. Shout out to my co-conspirator Ranier for our home brew world of Toi Kratistoi. We'll get it all nailed down and published one day- and you player could leave your mark on it as well. Welcome.


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