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About me

I tend to start off with an official campaign/module/adventure, then add my own unique spin. Maybe I’ll take two advntures and weave them together, or maybe I’ll change the type of monster or settings that were originally used. I love to tie a player’s backstory into the narrative, give them a reason to care about the game and what ultimately happens in the world. I use Roll20 for the virtual tabletop and combat and Discord for voice. I try to make sure that my games aren’t just combat centered, or roleplay centered. I want everyone to have a chance to add to the story, to have their time to shine. I want, at the end of the game session, for everyone to have felt like they contributed to the success of the party. I started playing table top games in college, many many years ago, with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve played D&D, GURPS, Feng Shei!, World of Darkness, Mage Knight Dungeons, Talisman, and lots of smaller, obscure game systems. I’ve always loved the chance to take a concept and make it mine, to personalize it, to then make a difference in the game world. I love the escapism of it, but also the chance to work together as a team and solve the problems. After a few years I decided I wanted to try running the world, to provide the challenges and see how others would solve it. I’ve been an off and on DM for at least 20 years, but really only got into Dungeons and Dragons 5E during the Pandemic. I love how much simpler the rule set is, how much easier it is to run long campaigns without having to spend a week of game time healing up between encounters.

GM style

I usually run Rules as Written, but I also love the rule of cool and enjoy seeing what players can come up with to over come the challenge. I feel like I’m there to tell them what happens, not to directly challenge and try to beat them. I also have a few house rules/homebrew rules I like to use to keep things moving along and not bog down too much. There will be combat, and I believe choices have consequences, but I also understand sometimes you just make a mistake. Combat will be tactical, but also i strive for realism. If there's nothing to gain, most monsters aren't going to fight to the death! Safety, well being and fun are my goals for running a game. I want everyone to feel welcome and part of the group: LGBTQIA, people of colour, players with neurodivergecy (I’m one of those!), Min/maxers, Roleplayers, explorers, new and experienced players as well.

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