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About me

Hi! My name is Rejo and I've been running TTRPGs from the day my middle school friend group picked up D&D in 1994. While we cut our teeth on D&D, I immediately started branching out to all sorts of games, finding ways to incorporate the lessons I've learned from those games to utilize in future games. What has resulted is the ability to run games that are highly reactive to player decisions and cater to high-octane action centered on theatre-of-the-mind encounters. If you want adventures that involve high drama and furious action, then sit at my table!

GM style

I consider myself a facilitator instead of a GM or DM. I love helping players create a story about their characters and their involvement in the world. I constantly ask questions to fill in the details of the world and always endeavor to make the game a creation of the players as well. Because of this, I play fast and loose, with a lot of conversation and discussion during the game. I'm not one to present a world that I have created, but rather the circumstances that happen in the world we make as we play. You want to play while stretching your imagination even further? Join me as we create something together!

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