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Hello adventurers and welcome to a fun and immersive tabletop experience. I have been a tabletop player for 5 years and a DM for 4 years. I have run sessions for different groups, age ranges, play styles and more. I love to introduce the game to those playing for the first time but also running adventures for those that are more experienced. Due to the pandemic, most of my experience has been with virtual tabletops (VTTs) particularly Roll20 as I believe it to be one of the easier one to use. I also have had the opportunity to DM in person for multiple different one-shots for charities benefiting the Orlando (FL) area and plan to continue that experience in the future. These different experiences have allowed me to grow both as a player and a DM and to create sessions/adventures better tailored to the players at the table! For the storytellers, role players, and gameplayers, I strive to create an adventure that can capture each persons goal for a session and ultimately create an experience that will stay in your memory! For this, I believe that unfriendly and rudeness can ruin the experience for others and ask that each person is prepared to be respectful and open to others discussion and ideas. The biggest skill I have as a DM is the ability to improvise and respond to the players wants and needs for a gaming experience.

GM style

Providing opportunities for players to roleplay is a core component of my sessions. I design my one-shots/adventures for players to fully encompass and truly become the character they envision. It can be through roleplay, creating that specific character's voice and demeaner, or even optimizing them for a specific role or function for their own personal story. All play styles are welcome as long as it adds to the experience of others and doesn't negatively impact others without warning. My goal for each session is for players to arrive, have a fun experience away from our normal lives, and leave fulfilled and happier. Do not let being new to the game deter you. My goal is to make the character creation process as streamlined as possible and have experience assisting new players in understanding the basic mechanics of the game and the character abilities. I have been the GM for players ages 14-~80 so I understand the slight differences in understanding based on prior experiences. I am open to pretty much any class/race/ability/etc. however I do ask that if you wish to play something homebrewed that you ask and we can discuss how to make it fair and balanced to all of those that are playing.

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