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About me

Hi There! My name is Bronson, and I'm very excited to meet you (virtually) at my table. I personally enjoy running rules as written official games from the various rule books, as well as my own home brewed content. I do play rules as written with very little (if at all) homebrew ruling, aside from the rule of cool, obviously. :P My favourite thing to do in every single game I run, be it at table live or online, is my players are my main characters in this grand adventure, I will do everything and anything to aid you along in your quest to become victorious, aside from adjusting game mechanics or how enemy creatures would play/react, based on their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma (that's how I achieve my BBEG, enemy, and any other NPC personalities and actions in combat *wink wink*). I will never give spoilers but I will always try my best to provide a guiding hand when times get tough. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and forging new legends; because, while heroes may die... legends live on. :) I am the Owner/Operator of the business,Reality Engine Integration, on Facebook, we have migrated here to to make things so much easier for all our players. All game requests will now go through this wonderful website as it just makes things so much easier and safer for all parties involved. Lets have some fun! We have two other Dungeon Masters working with us now! My wife Elly, and our friend Alex!

GM style

-Tactical combat, I use a combination of INT, WIS, and CHA to figure out what each NPC will do. -I do my own voices and role play! -I make my Heroes the centre of attention and I always make sure everyone takes a turn in the spotlight. -I love 5E, I bring enthusiasm. -I love story telling, using character backgrounds incorporated into games. Give me that edge-lord, ill use it.


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