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Robert Rath (Rathsquatch)

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About me

Description I'm a recently retired Air Force Veteran that is now looking to share in adventuring experiences with the online gaming community. I first became acquainted with TTRPGs in 1998 when a friend invited me in a low whisper to come and play Dungeons and Dragons. At that time, I had no idea what I was getting into, but that experience changed my life. I've been able to use Dungeons and Dragons as a teambuilding utility, a tool to ease stress and increase productivity as a team. I've also built some exceptional friendships along the way. I look forward to gaming with you and hope that you'll do the same. I absolutely LOVE new players and introducing them to the world of Table-Top Gaming and hopefully giving them the same experience that I had all the way back in 1998.

GM style

I generally run a relaxed style of game. I enjoy the preparation for the game and providing my players with plenty of notes to keep track of what's going on within the game world. I pride myself on knowing a system very thoroughly, especially since I often teach new players how to play the game. So I rely on this knowledge the rules to try and press the story forward. I'm a roleplay heavy DM first, but exceptionally adaptable depending on the team that is assembled. I'm not great with voices, but I do try. I prefer "theatre of the mind" but have started to enjoy the map layouts and ambiance that Roll20 gives to players. As a DM, I'm willing to go as deep into your character as you are and take an idea that you have for your character and figure out how to flex the rules around the game in order to create something together that you'll very much enjoy. Patience is my strongest quality, new or experienced, I just enjoy meeting new people and sharing in a cooperative experience is priority number 1.


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