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I'm not sure that I'm much different from a lot of very good DMs, as I've had the great opportunity to learn and be a player at some very talented DM's tables. That being said, player agency is very important to me. I want you to feel like you have the reigns to your own story, not a story being driven by a self-driving car (which we all know too well what that looks/feels like). Tabletop has been an outlet for me at my brightest, darkest, and everything in between, so first and foremost, I want to make sure you have fun. If you're at my table, that's my only true goal, and I hope that I can exceed your expectations and present a truly compelling break from reality!

GM style

Oh man, there's a whole online repository that has my exploits at it in the forms of my first D&D podcast, Ready 2 Role, and my most recent adventures on my stream at (playing for around 3 years on stream with those guys). If I had to say it in a few words, I would say engaged, responsive, and in the moment. Honestly, I take a different sort of DMing perspective than most, and it tends towards setting up mechanisms for you to interact with, and then decide which one(s) you'd like to follow up on. Basically, I set up a "machine" with pieces, parts, and other machinery that makes it work, but something may cause that machine to stop working unless you choose to do something. Essentially you, as the party, simply decide where you want to focus your efforts in a world that likely needs 10 groups like your own. It's a very improvisational form of D&D that I've found allows players the agency to do what they want, when they want, but not without consequences. As a child of BioWare games, I fell in love with titles like Dragon Age: Origins, and it's subsequent titles. In their games, they tend to make your actions correlate to direct consequences in game terms, making your choices have a genuine amount of weight and importance. I want that in my TTRPGS, and D&D has offered me a system to do that with friends, family, and future friends. So if you like adventure, mystery, and agency within your games, I'm more than happy to try and give you that little spark of magic if you'd like to join my table!


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